FX Week's e-FX Awards 2016
Winners are announced!

The winners for the 13th annual e-FX Awards have been announced - click here to see the full list

The 13th annual e-FX Awards were presented in New York on July 12th, following the FX Week USA conference. Hosted by FX Week, these awards recognise industry excellence in electronic foreign exchange among banks, brokers, vendors and the buy side.


Innovation in electronic foreign exchange has perhaps never been quite as important as it is today, as shrinking revenues force market participants to look for new and more effective ways to conduct business. FX trading, one of the most innovative and transparent market places in the world, has always been at the fore front of introducing new ways of trading amid fast-changing macroeconomic and structural events.

As in previous years, we saw some genuine innovation to win our awards, coming from businesses that have been operational for at least six months, offering something unique and useful for the wider market. And as financial technology takes hold of nearly every aspect of trading, the entries have been more competitive than ever.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Eva Szalay
Editor, FX Week